Journaling in Banff

an excerpt from my journal written in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, on July 5th, 2017 Nature is so beautiful. It is perfectly balanced, and designed so that every being gets a chance to live on Earth. The turtle is slow, but it has a shell to hide. Zebras are vulnerable, but they have stripes … More Journaling in Banff

a series of portraits

wow! almost a month since i last posted here. i’ve been travelling and exploring a little percentage of the west Canadian coast so you’ll be seeing photos soon. this series of portraits of Duna Velasco was taken during my week in france. maybe it was the wet chocolate smell of Oloron’s summer air, its cloudy … More a series of portraits

a week in France

if you’ve been wondering why i haven’t been active lately, this post will make you understand. from tuesday 13th to sunday 18th june i’ve been staying with some family friends in their house in the south of france. we spent the first few nights in a little town called Oloron-Saint-Marie. there wasn’t much to see … More a week in France

who am i?

who am i? who am i, at my core? this is a question i’ve asked myself many times throughout the years, but i’ve never been brave enough to answer. you could say i’m a girl, a student, a teenager, a person. but these things don’t really define who i am, do they? i like to … More who am i?

american love

“What if” will forever kill me haunt me for i will never know what would have happened if only i had said how lonely i felt without you it was hard to see the days pass by for you were far away my feelings went.  

ode to summer 2014

Do you remember when we’d cram our bodies against each other so we wouldn’t feel the wind. When we’d stay all day wrapped around our duvets drinking tea. When we’d hide our eyes behind our retro sunglasses. When we’d feel our honeycomb ice-creams, melting. When we’d fly our kites so high we wouldn’t see the … More ode to summer 2014