inspiration boards + poetry

i’ve been really into poetry lately. i like to have books full of poems because i can just go forth and back through the pages and read the ones i like best. there’s no need to go in order, there are no characters, just feelings. the last purchase i made was 7,300 days by isabella mente and i’m absolutely loving it so far.

here are some inspiration boards made by my lovely friend Lucía Izquierdo with some of my favourite poems.

poem by isabella mente
poem by atticus
poem by rupi kaur

8 thoughts on “inspiration boards + poetry

  1. I absolutely love 7300 days. If you haven’t yet, you should also check out The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace! It’s my absolute favorite collection of poetry.

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  2. Ahh I love your blog! These mood boards are so dreamy. It’s strange because I do stuff very like that too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog – If you’re interested, I’m moving site to, as unfortunately I’m down-scaling my blog, but I’ll still be doing collages and photos.
    – Jasmine x


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